Who are we?

The Berlin Institute for Scholarly Publishing (BISP) is a not-for-profit organization under German law dedicated to bringing publishers, researchers and decision-makers together. BISP was founded in 2020 by the Walter de Gruyter Foundation, an independent, not-for-profit family foundation 'dedicated to the promotion of science and research, especially in the humanities and social sciences.

BISP is the organizer of the Academic Publishing in Europe (APE) Conference, which has been held in Berlin since 2006. BISP has taken on the organization of APE from its founder, Arnoud de Kemp, who remains the Chair of the APE’s Program Committee and therefore responsible for curating the annual exchange of information between publishers, researcher institutions, libraries, universities and decision-makers at local, national and EU level. The conference, which takes place in January, is the first major publishing conference of the year and is known for its lively debates and friendly, cooperative atmosphere.

Any additional income from the APE Conference will be invested in developing and running seminars and training courses for early-career researchers and early-career publishers. The objective for bringing these two groups together is to ensure that both key stakeholders in the research ecosystem develop a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities that they face together and separately. The courses, which will include topics such as peer review, publication ethics, discovery promotion, networking, career development, sharing, data policy and technology, will be taught by experts in the field who have significant, practical experience in their fields.

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