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The Berlin Institute for Scholarly Publishing (BISP) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing publishers, researchers and
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We bring together early-career researchers and early-career publishers, not only to enrich the academic discourse, but also to help them create a solid network for the years to come. We offer on the one hand many years of experience in the publishing and research field, on the other a fresh and young approach to the challenges researcher and publisher have to face when starting in the field.
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The Academic Publishing Conference in Europe (APE)

We are in an age of change. Scholarly publishing needs embrace and be energised by what is possible and to acknowledge and listen to new demands by all our stakeholders. Collaboration is key – only then can we drive change, developing better ways to support a high quality, efficient system for communicating the outcomes of research. In next year’s conference we bring different perspectives together to think about how we tackle key issues and make progress.

Annual Meeting place

Since its inception in 2006, APE is ‘the’ annual meeting place for all stakeholders in scholarly communication and scientific publishing. APE Conferences are carefully curated and well known for offering a broad perspective, varying from the basics of academic publishing, reputation, reliable quality, reproducibility, the role of peer review, sustainability, funding, information infrastructure, open data and open science and projects to discover. As always, the APE Lecture will be given by a promiment speaker.
Prominent Speakers
Conference Dinner
ape conference 2018
the future

Newly created Berlin Institute for Scholarly Publishing to take on APE logistics.

Arnoud de Kemp to Chair Program Committee

“I am looking forward to working with professionals from all stakeholder groups to craft the program for the next conferences."

academic publishing

Since 2006, the Academic Publishing in Europe (APE) Conference has provided a neutral, open and collegial opportunity for publishers, academics, research funders, librarians, policymakers and technology companies to meet and discuss issues around academic publishing.
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