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The Berlin Institute for Scholarly Publishing (BISP) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing publishers, researchers, funders and policymakers together.

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We bring together early-career professionals in research communication – researchers, publishers, university staff, funding specialists – not only to enrich the academic discourse, but also to lay a foundation for solid networks for the years to come. We combine experience in the publishing and research field with a fresh approach to tackling the key challenges early career professionals face in the wider research ecosystem.
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The Academic Publishing Conference in Europe (APE)

We are in an age of change. Research communications is embracing technological change, adapting to new funding models and will be an even more integral part of education in the future. The APE Conference has brought together all stakeholders in the research communication ecosystem for a robust but collegial exchange in the heart of Berlin.

Annual highlight on the calendar

Since its inception in 2006, APE has been ‘the’ annual meeting place for all stakeholders in scholarly communication and scientific publishing. APE Conferences are carefully curated and well-known for a central theme and a broad selection of contributions on anything from the basics of academic publishing, reputation, reliable quality, reproducibility to the role of peer review, sustainability, funding, information infrastructure, open data and open science. The APE 2025 will be held on 14-15 January 2025 in Berlin.

Prominent Speakers
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The Berlin Institute for Scholarly Publishing (BISP) manages the APE Conference logistics.

Audience Berlin Institute for Scholarly Publishing
Arnoud de Kemp, Chair of the APE Conference Program Committee

“I am looking forward to working with professionals from all stakeholder groups to craft the program for the next conferences."

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Since 2006, the Academic Publishing in Europe (APE) Conference has provided a neutral, open, and collegial opportunity for publishers, academics, research funders, librarians, policymakers, and technology companies to meet and to discuss issues around academic publishing.
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